Snowflake Obsidian Leather Wrap Bracelet, Beaded Bracelet, Double Wrap Bracelet

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This bracelet was handcrafted using 2mm black leather cord and 6mm snowflake obsidian gemstones. It is adorned with a 15mm skull metal button as a closure.

This double wrap bracelet measures 14 inches long to first closure, 15 inches long to second closure, and 16 inches long to third closure. Just find your fit, tighten the knot, and snip off the excess leather. (knots are adjustable)

Width when wrapped twice around wrist - about 3/4"

Leather is free of Lead, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, AZO's, Chromium VI, Cadmium and other carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals.

2 mm = approximately 1/16"
6 mm = approximately 1/4"
15 mm = approximately 5/8"

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